Benefits of Compost Filter Sock

Our Compost Filter Sock is a superior alternative to silt fence and straw wattles in almost every facet. It is used in check dams, perimeter control, inlet protection, filter rings and more. Known for its easy application and low-maintenance for erosion and sediment control, compost filter silt socks are quickly becoming the primary eco-friendly choice for all sized landscaping, roadway and stormwater control projects. Here are some uses our customers choose to utilize our Compost Filter Socks for their various sediment control needs.

Cost Effective

Since we are a manufacturer and we sell directly to installers, EnviroGuard can now provide Compost Filter Socks at a fraction of the price of our competitors.  By skipping the distributors, we can save our customers upwards of 30% of their material cost and help them get the contract bids they’re chasing.

Low Maintenance

Worried about high winds, heavy rains or falling tree limbs damaging your silt fencing after every storm?  With our Compost Filter Socks, you’ll never have to worry about those problems again – and the costly fines and repairs associated them.  All of our products come with the required stakes to keep them in place and working, so you can keep your crew working where you need them and not fixing fences.  Our Compost Filter Socks each have a 2-5 year lifespan and can save you countless hours and dollars during the length of your job.  Once you experience for yourself just how easy our product is to use, you’ll never go back to silt fencing again.

Easy Installation

Say good-bye to trenching those silt fences forever!  The design of our Compost Filter Sock provides intimate contact with the ground without ever having to pick up a shovel.  Each Sock can be installed in minutes using 2 workers, allowing your crew to complete full installation in a fraction of the time needed for silt fencing – saving you time AND money.

Green Product

The socks are filled with 100% recycled material. This filler is inert, free of seed, low in moisture content and incredibly environmentally friendly.  Because it is filled with an aged compost-mulch, our Compost Filter Socks actually help to not only trap pollutants, but actually digest things such as hydrocarbons found in fuel, oil and hydraulic fluids.  If your company is looking to be on the forefront of setting a high eco-standard, EnviroGuard’s Compost Filter Sock will keep you on the cutting-edge.

Curb Appeal

EnviroGuard only uses black mesh for all of its Compost Filter Socks, helping to reduce being noticed and helping the curb appeal of your project.  It only stands a few inches off the ground, as opposed to the three to four-foot height of most silt fences. This will greatly help to keep the scenic appeal of your vineyard, park, or housing development intact while controlling your sediment runoff.  Upon request, EnviroGuard can even add grass seed to your Compost Filter Sock to help conceal it completely.


Many contractors are getting multiple uses out of the product. Smaller diameters can be moved from one job site to another if treated properly.